Short essay on plastic pollution ppt slides

Although such examples of litter easily come to mind, they only hint at the serious and growing problem of plastic pollution a problem mostly hidden from view. Short Essay on Plastic Pollution - Essay 1 (200 words) Plastic pollution is caused due to the accumulation of the waste plastic material in the environment.

Find plastic pollution cartoon stock images in HD and millions of other royalty-free stock photos, illustrations and vectors in the Shutterstock collection. Plastic Pollution Powerpoint Template is a useful presentation to aware people about the adverse effects of the use of plastic materials. The first type is mechanical recycling, which consists in the recovery of the plastic from the plastic waste and also the maintenance of the molecular structure of the plastic. If the production of plastics is not stopped, soon our earth will become like those dirty uninhabited places that one sees on dystopian Hollywood movies.

Students watch the slide ,guess then discover an discuss with teacher and is about types of pollution I use this presentation to teach about pollution and I usually do it before asking them to choose one type and

We know very little about the effect that pollution has on the oceans but we continue to dispose of chemicals, sewage and garbage into it. PLASTIC'S ADVERSE EFFECTS ON OUR ENVIRONMENT 1}Plastic pollute beaches oceans Garbage has been discarded into the oceans. These pollutants cause environmental degradation and also affect different living organisms and their habitats negatively.

Turtles are particularly badly affected by plastic pollution, and all seven of the world's turtle species are already either endangered or threatened for a number of. Nowadays, plastic pollution is a global problem, as plastic becomes extremely necessary for the production and the main type of waste.

Plastic pollution is most visible in developing Asian and African nations, where garbage collection systems are often inefficient or nonexistent. Here is a list of 9 major Types of Pollutions that causes discomfort to the habitants while also adversely affecting the flora and fauna. The ban is only to control individual use of plastic bags because people are irresponsible when it comes to disposal thus causing environmental pollution.

Short Essay on Why Plastic Bags Should be Banned - Essay 1 (100 Words) The ban on plastic bags does not necessarily mean that its use will cease. Plastic pollution is the introduction of plastic products into the environment which then upset the existing ecosystems in different ways.

PPT: Water Pollution Power Point Presentation At present, water scarcity is a global difficulty in a world because many countries are suffering from this difficulty as many freshwater bodies, oceans and seas are polluted by pollution is the impure or unclean state of all water bodies like lakes, rivers, groundwater, aquifers, and oceans


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